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I want one!

 Number1zie specializes and prides ourselves on amazing custom products.  With every onezie being custom for you, there won't be another like it.  Our fabric starts white, then is completely dyed to the design of your choice.


Our material is a single sided brushed polyester fleece.  It's warm and soft on the inside and smooth on the out!  Our onezies are designed to fit loose and "baggy", so they won't be snug and pull in the wrong places!  Please check with Number1zie for sizing recommendations.   


How to get started? Visit our contact page and let us know the vision for your onezie.  Include pictures of your inspiration and we will begin the design process with you.  Once we have completed the design process, we'll have you sign the proofs and make your payment. 

*Please check with Number1zie for pricing.

We would love to design a onezie for you, your team, school or company.  Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have!

Order Pre-made Designs Here!

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